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*G. A. R* 








Wentworth Publishing House, Printers, 


Special Attractions for 

G. A. R. Week: 

foam's National War museum, 

Open Day and Night. 

Take Green Street Hue of Cars to Entrance, 


Finest Record-Breaking Bicycle Track in 
the World. 

SID BLACK, Champion trick rider of 
7 world, will give exhibi- 
tions daily. Also, BENNER BROS., of 
Philadelphia, juvenile cyclists, aged 4 and 
6 years, exhibiting the smallest tandem in 
the world. 

Take West-bound Market Street Cars di- y 
rect to entrance without transfer. 



G*. A. R„ WJSE>K: 

Bicycle Racing. Balloon Ascensions, Dancing 

And Other Amusements, 

Take west-bound tureen street cars marked 

Parkland or Riverside. 

^Nice 5-Mile Ride. 





G. A. I 

Take Main Street Line West. 

macauiey's Sir Sjf 


Will hold the boards at this popular house 
for one week. 

Walnut, Near Fourth St. 


Week com- 

Sept. 9, 

Will- amuse the patrons during 
G. A. R. WEEK. 

Fourth Avenue, Be\. Green and Walnut. 


Week Commencing Sept. 9. 

The Great War Drama, 


Will recall the memory of old Vets to the 

late unpleasantness, as well as interest the 
rising generation. 'Tis highly staged. 

lefferson, Bet Second and Third Sts. 


Week Commencing SEPT. 9. 


Continuous Performance 

From I P. M. Until II P. M. 

Jefferson St., Bef. Third and Fourth. 


<r;i<> Or*t?^i^ Street. 

Visitors to the city during the race meet- 
ing and G. A. R. Encampment should not 
fail to pay Miss Bessie Dean a visit. Miss 
DEAN has one of the most commodious 
houses, not only in this city, but any city 
in the country, and for fineness and beauty 
the interior cannot be excelled. At Miss 
Dean's, which is at 6:6 Green street, can 
be f«u ml 14 of the most charming young 
ladies to assist visitors in making life one 
continuous round of pleasure during their 


a+^&% — 


Finest Brands 

of Wines 

in the Market. 


612 Green Street. 

JLjA. aaaaaa 

Very, very plain: nothing suggestive to 
strangers about the name or place of resi- 
dence, but the amount of meaning con- 
veyed by that name and address to her 
friends, who are legion, is sufficient to in- 
sure her a well filled house throughout the 
Encampment. She is one of the very few 
women of her nationality in the country 
that owns and conducts such an establish- 
ment. Miss Louie is a typical Jewess, and 
while not related to the Baron across the 
pond, one would think from the Oriental 
splendor in which her house is furnished 
from pit to dome that she had free access 
to his millions. Miss L-OUIE has 12 of the 
most accomplished young ladies in the 
city from the East to assist her in receiv- 
ing her callers, any one of whom can per- 
form exceedingly well upon the piano, and 
among them are several vocalists of no 
mean ability. 

Finest Brands qi UUine and Beep. 

xfx xfx xV xjx <fxxfxxtxxtx xfx xfxxtxxfx xfx xfy 


630 TENTH ST., 


633 WEST ST. 

Owing to her increasing popularity, it 
has been absolutely necessary for Miss 
HATTIE to open the large mansion at 630 
Tenth street, which she has done at an en- 
ormous expense. She also continues the 
management of the cozy little cottage at 
633 West street. Miss Hattik being en- 
dowed with true Kentucky hospitality has 
rightly gained the distinction of being one 
of the most liberal entertainers in the 
South, she having donated liberally to the 
G. A. R. fund, being ample proof of her 
liberality. She has twelve of the prettiest 
young ladies in the South to entertain her 
visitors. She also keeps the best brands of 
Wine and Beer. 

•J*>jx *4 xx t > /|X^*jXXf\XJfc 3p 4 X 4 y 4 XX +* 


^11 West Street, 

Bet. Madison and Walnut, 10th ard nth. 

To the many visiters to the city during 
the Encampment and Races the writer de- 
sires to call their especial attention to the 
delightful little cottage owned and per- 
sonally managed by Miss Daisy. Miss 
Daisy is deserving of a crowded house 
throughout the Encampment, as she has 
converted her house from an exclusively 
private into a public one during that 
period. She has four of her most intimate 
friends from Chicago to assist her in re- 
ceiving her callers, and as they are all 
beautiful: and accomplished, it is unneces- 
sary to add they are the swellest of swell 


She also keeps the 

Choicest Brands of Wine and Beer. 




631 West Street, 

Bat. Tenth and Eleventh and Walnut and Grayson. 

This beautiful house is presided over by 
one of the most unique and clever enter- 
tainers in the South, and as it is strictly 
first-class and private she caters to nothing 
but the very fashionable set. To the fast 
set of the upper crust of society gents is 
this invitation extended. Miss Lottie 
keeps the choicest brands of 



603 WEST ST. 


Strangers Cordially Invited. 

Mary Edwards, 

732 Green Street. 

To the people that pay this city periodi- 
cal visits Miss Mary needs no introduction, 
as those that visit her beautiful palace are 
so highly entertained that they are sure to 
pay her a return visit as often as they 
come to the city. She has a host of beau- 
tiful ladies who are excellent .entertainers 
to assist her in inakiug life well woith liv- 
ing to visitors to the Kneampnient and 
Races, Finest brands of Wine and Beer, 

ELI « 

828 Grayson Street. 

While out seeing the sights, boys, do not 
fail to drop in upon Miss Elsie at the 
above number, and you will be royally en- 
tertained. Everything and everybody con- 
nected with her establishment is first-class. 
She has the following named ladies to en- 
tertain you: 

Misses Freddie, 







Miss Elsie is an Ohio girl and will be 
pleased to see all visitors from home. 

She has a fine line of 

Wine ^rxcl Beer, 



824 Grayson St. 

Visitors to the Encampment and Races 
will not make their visit complete if they 
fail to pay Miss HATTiE a visit. She has 
just opened the above number and has a 
corps of pretty girls to entertain callers. 

She also keeps the choices brands of 
Wine and Beer, 

Georgia Stewart, 

830 Grayson Street. 


As there are only a few first-class houses 
upon this street, and as the Guide only con- 
tains the names of first-class resorts it will 
therefore be the duty of the writer to de- 
vote a space to the above-named lady. She 
is a clever and liberal entertainer and has 
a number of beautiful girls to assist her to 
entertain her callers. 

She also has a fine line of Wine and Beer. 


mad. Lia $oy, 

626 TEHTH ST. 

VISITORS to the Encampment will miss 
a grand treat if they fail to pay the 
Madame and her famous beauties a 
visit. Mad. La Roy is the only lady of 
her nationality in any of the Western cities 
that own and conduct ,a palace such as 
the oue owned and personally managed by 
herself. Her ladies being mostly of the 
same nationality, combined with the ele- 
gance of the furnishings and the swell 
manner in which they entertain callers, 
makes the Madame's one of the most popu- 
lar of the many resorts in the city. 

»♦ • •• lit . 

She alse keeps 




lie Mm 

A1£l T^—^i. CTj. j. 

vlu iciiiii oirecu 



LL visitors that are sportively in- 
clined can have their inclination 
gratified by merely dropping into 
Miss B.'s cozy little castle. It is a 
veritable little palace, and with Miss 
Maggie as the Queen and her bevy 
of beauties as Princesses Americans 
that have not crossed the pond nor 
visited the royalty can easily imag- 
ine themselves as being before the 
throne. Miss B. is located at 620 
Tenth street, and will be pleased to 
renew old and form new acquaint- 
ances during the encampment. v She 
has ten ladies to entertain callers. 


Finest Wines and Beer. 


JWinnie Cilard. 

623 Tenth Street, 

Has Handsomely 

f — — ■ FViriii&lied 



©To Maffied Men Only.© 

flother Hack, 

325 Eleventh Street. 

■ 4M> * — 

This well-known lady is exceedingly 
popular with the sporting fraternity, who 
all know her liberal manner of entertain- 
ing. She keeps a strictly first-class re- 
sort at the above number, and cordially in- 
vites all perusers of this Guide to call. She 
has a number of beautiful ladies to enter- 
tain her callers. 

Finest brands of Wine and Beer. 



Mollie Glover, 

710 Haneoek Street. 

AS has been stated before in this Guide 
to the visitors in search of sport, 
it is not confined to a certain street 
or locality as in other cities pro- 
vided the house is first-class and orderly, 
Miss Gr.ovim prides herself upon having a 
strictly first-class resort at 710 Hancock 
street, where visitors can enjoy themselves 
hugely if they are in quest of sport. She 
has ten of the most beautiful young ladies 
in the South to entertain her visitors. 

V V V V 

She also keeps the choicest brands of 
Wines and Been. 


Anna Neurietter, 

7 IA Hancock Street. 

Miss Anna has one of the most attractive 
establishments in the city, and visitors to 
the Encampment and Races are hereby ex- 
tended a cordial invitation to call. She 
has eight beautiful and pleasing young 
ladies to entertain callers. 

She also keeps the finest brands of Wine 
and Beer. 


720 Green Street. 

To many of the visitors to tne city to the 
Encampment who in the past have paid M 
periodical visits to Cincinnati this name is m 
very familiar, as Miss Stella conducted a f 
house there for some years. She has re- 
cently reopened the above number, and 
everything and everybody is new and first- 
class. She has eight beautiful girls to en- 
tertain her callers. 

She also has the finest brands of Wine 
and Beer. 

Fannie Clark, 

408 Jackson Street. 

Miss Fannie conducts one of the most 
exclusive establishments in the city and 
she has quite a number of young and beau- 
tiful ladies to assist her in entertaining 
her numerous friends as well as visitors to 
the Encampment and Races. She also 
keeps a fine assortment of Wines and Beer. 

JWinnie Grant, 

4IO Jackson Street. 

As there are only a limited number of 
first-class resorts on this street, and as the 
writer only advertises the strictly first-class 
resorts, it therefore makes it its duty to de- 
vote a space to this popular proprietress. 
She is not only a clever entertainer but has 
surrounded herself with six pleasing young 
ladies that wilt assist her to entertain 
friends and visitors to the Encampment 
and races. She has a fine line of Wines 
and Beer. 

© ^>© ^r©^y© "T^-©'*C>©''^>© > ^>© "^>© ^y© 


123 East Green Street. 

ducted one of those quiet room- 
ing houses, but owing to the fact 
that so many of her friends will be here to 
attend the Races and Encampment and 
having such a large, roomy house, she has 
decided to convert it into a public house 
during that time. Her parlors will be 
graced with some of Cincinnati's famous 
beauties that are here on pleasure bent, 
and visitors will be eutertained in a royal 
manner. She keeps the choicest brands 
of Wine and Beer. 

Maud Shivelij, 

722 Green Street. 


THIS popular little lady has surrounded 
herself with 9 beautiful and accom- 
plished ladirs to assist her in the en- 
tertainment of her callers during the 
Races and Encampment. She has long 
since gained the reputation of being a lib- 
eral entertainer, and as they say in sport- 
ing parlance, she hasn't gone back a bit, 
it is unnecessary to add that her callers 
will be royally entertained. 

She also keeps the finest brands of 
"*>©-*y©Wine and. Beer.e^e^ 

moiue Mccormick, 

1027 JVIadison Street. 

TO THE many "married" people that 
visit the city during the Encamp- 
ment it will be rather difficult for 
them to enjoy the comforts and privacy of 
home ill their cramped quarters at the va- 
rious hotels, boarding and lodging houses. 
The writer wishes to inform visitors that 
Miss Moij.ik conducts an exclusively first- 
class private rooming house at the above 
number, and they may enjoy all the privi- 
leges of a well-kept home in her parlors. 

She also keeps the -^— — ^ 

Choicest Brands of Wine and Beer. 



H Li ma^ 

712 and 714 GREEN STREET. 



HIS large double mansion is pre- 
sided over by one of the most 
popular and liberal entertainers 
3 in the city. She has fourteen 
handsome young tadies to enter- 
I her callers during the Races and 

Encampment. She also keeps 
the finest brands of 

mm a. WINe and bEER. 


Blanche Griswold 

611 Green Street. 

THIS popular and pleasing little lady 
having recently retired from business, 
and being urgently requested by an 
army of admning friends to reopen an r s- 
lablislnnent, did so upon the 14th of Au- 
gust, ami having surrounded herself with 
an even dozen of beautiful ladies to enter; 
tain her callers, combined with the furn- 
ishings, which are all new ami expensive 
from cellar to garret, should make her 
place one of the most popular to visitors to 
tbe rliy during the Encampment. 

Finest Brands of Wine and Beer 


Kittie Ward. 

215 jMinth Street, 

THIS large three-story mansion is the 
only strictly first-class resort on this 
street. Miss Kittik has a wide cir- 
cle of friends throughout the country, and 
to those that have not visited her since she 
has been in her present location, and also 
visitors to the Encampment and Races, she 
hereby extends a cordial invitation to call. 
She has 14 handsome ladies to entertain 

She also keeps the Choices Brands ^*— 

Of Willie sn>cl F5e>€-*% 




This large mansion is presided over by 
one of the most liberal entertainers of her 
race in the south. She has surrounded her- 
self with twenty -one famous Spanish beau- 
ties, and as they are all beautiful and ac- 
complished, beyond a doubt her parlors 
will be taxed to their utmost capacity. Her 
parlors are furnished elegantly and with 
rare taste. In fact, the Oriental splendor 
in which they are furnished is enough to 
dazzle the eyes of many who have visited 
the royal palaces abroad. Visitors that 
are in search of amusement should not fail 
to pay this palace a visit for they will be 
entertained royally, as among the ladies 
are several rare vocalists, good musicians 
and dancers. She alse keeps choice brands 
of Wine and Beer, 


Sallie Seott, 

624 and 626 


Northern visitors to the Encampment 

have no doubt heard of the famous Creole 
Beauties to be seen south of the Mason and 
Dixon line. Miss Scott has surrounded 
herself with 2S famous Creole beauties to 
assist her in the eatertaiiiment ^( her call- 
ers during that period. She has gathered 
these ladies from all the principal cities of 
the Sunny South, and used rare judgment 
in selecting them, for not only their beauty 
of face and form, but also for their intel- 
lectual and social attainments, conspicu- 
ous among them being that far-fatneu 
Creole beauty, Miss Rhoda Nord, To her 
many friends throughout the country that 
peruse this Guide Miss Sallie hereby ex- 
tends an invitation to call when in the city. 





ONE of the handsomest and best ap- 
pointed houses ill the city is the 
one that is presided over by 
MISS Katk at the above number. 
It has the reputation of being one of the 
finest in the South, and between the fine 
furnishings and the fair occupants of this 
strictly first-class resort it will surely re- 
ceive the patronage of the high-toned visit- 
ors to the Encampment and Races. She 
has eighteen of the most beautiful Creole 
beauties ever gotten together under one 
roof, and as there are good singers, dancers 
and musicians among them, visitors have 
the assurance that they will be highly en- 
tertained. She also has the finest brands 

Wine find Beer a 


yri^t^i^u^i^Lr F.LTT^^^^U7^ 

Wentworth's Souvenir Sporting Guides 

Have been published in the following cities: 

Chicago, World's Fair, 
New Orleans, Mardi Gras, 
Frisco Midwinter Fair, 
Memphis Spring Races. 

Will be gotten out in Atlanta for the 
Cotton States Exposition, also Dallas for 
the fight.